Popcorn Process Line

FD600 Flavour Tumbler

  • Frame constructed in 304 stainless steel
  • Drum constructed in stainless steel
  • Mounted on self-leveling feet
  • Angled flights pressed without welds
  • Stainless steel guarding on wheels
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Vertical Seed Elevator

  • Constructed of all Stainless Steel
  • Food grade belt with moulded buckets
  • Large stainless steel seed bin
  • Auto stop/start with photocell
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Snack Quip Popper

  • Stainless Steel electrical panel
  • Includes New Package Burner (GAS)
  • Includes Vibratory Feed Hopper with Variable Speed Control
  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • 5amps power consumption
  • ± 4kg/hour LPG Gas consumption
  • 92-99% yield (this is however dependant on popcorn type and quality)
  • Includes HMI (touch screen)
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