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SnackQuip Continuous Hot Oil Fryer


 Material of construction: all stainless steel 304L including bath and carriage.
 Submerger belt, with double angle flights in stainless steel.
 Variable speed control of submerger belt.
 2 temperature probes included to provide accurate monitoring, control and safety over temperature cut             out.
 Electric hood and carriage lift with high and low level limits controlled by rotation counter.
 Automatic oil level control is managed by magnetic float level and pneumatically activated stainless steel            valve; large valve bypass facilitates fast filling of the fryer.
 Full desktop control panel, displaying amperage, speed readout, temperature.
 Stainless steel fume extraction with fan included in hood construction
 Main oil circulation pump included
 Overnight oil storage tank included with thermostat controlled heating element
Does not include chimney stack or insulation of pipework